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Autism Info

AutismTN is dedicated to supporting you at various stages of your journey.

Whether you are an older adult exploring the possibility of being autistic a parent or caregiver navigating a new diagnosis for your loved one, or returning to AutismTN with new questions, we are here for you. Our commitment is to provide accessible information that empowers understanding, facilitates access to support and resources, and fosters connections with our local autism community. Together, we strive to create a community where you can feel connected, understood, and empowered.

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Medical Model vs Social Model
What's the difference?

The social and medical models of autism represent distinct perspectives in understanding and approaching autism spectrum conditions.

The medical model primarily views autism as a neurodevelopmental disorder, focusing on diagnosis, treatment, and interventions from a medical standpoint. It emphasizes identifying and addressing symptoms, often through therapeutic and medical interventions.

In contrast, the social model places emphasis on the societal and environmental factors that influence the experiences of Autistic individuals. It highlights the importance of adapting society to be more inclusive and accommodating, reducing barriers, and promoting acceptance. This model sees autism as a natural neurological variation rather than a disorder.

While the medical model seeks to manage and alleviate symptoms, the social model aims to create a more inclusive and understanding society that embraces neurodiversity. Both perspectives contribute to a holistic understanding of autism, influencing how individuals are perceived and supported in various aspects of life.

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